Airport Greeters

What is a Destination Management Company (DMC) and what do they do? That is a great question and one we are often asked! A DMC is a local partner that becomes an extension of the planning team. Companies planning meetings and incentives are on a mission to create memories and bring visions and experiences to life. In a Kukui nutshell … A DMC is comprised of the men and women behind the curtain to help make it happen!


At Island Style Innovations we like to refer to ourselves as your ʻOhana (family). We are the people that you can depend on. We know the specific logistics of our destination and the right people to get things done. Our strong relationships with local vendor partners, and our familiarity with the destination, provide an insiders perspective on the most efficient and effective way to operate while offering the best experience.


We “manage” all services in the “destination” once a program participant lands until the time that they depart. Lost bag at the airport? We know someone! Your VIP came in on an early flight? We have a staff at the airport to meet them! Bus breaks down (yes these things happen), we have the relationship to get another one there as quickly as possible! Forgot to order the standby vehicle for your Executive? No problem, Kawika already put one on hold! Need to book something sight unseen? Let’s FaceTime and we will walk you through it!


As a DMC we know we must be someone that you can relate to and trust. We also know that trust needs to be earned and we strive for the opportunity to do so.