December SPOTLIGHT – Tis the Season, Be the Reason!

While the holidays can turn into a stressful few months of traveling and shopping, we wanted to take a moment and remind ourselves of the magic the holidays bring. Below are some inspiring tips from vendor partners and our own ISI team to remind us of the true meaning of the holidays, and to cherish the magic of the season.

Thomas A. Laidlaw, Director of Sales / Groups at Roberts Hawaii

“For me, Christmas is a time to purposefully think of and put others first (family, friends and those we don’t know), and find ways to bless them and to move and do it. Some longtime family traditions we have include walking Kailua neighborhoods singing Christmas carols, baking and giving out dozens of loaves of my wife’s homemade cinnamon raisin bread to neighbors and friends, and donating to various charities like ‘Operation Christmas Child’ that brings Christmas hope and love to kids around the world in shoe boxes of toys and supplies.

I quickly found that this Christmas mindset, of thinking of and putting others first, was a personal blessing and something that I embraced all year long. I encourage everyone to try it…you will love it.”

Mary Neister, Hawaii Visitors and Convention Bureau

“In Hawaiʻi, there are several words that ring true to me for the holidays.  Mālamarelates to our environment, culture, and everything with which we interact. It is something we all should do more of everyday, and most certainly during the holidays.  Are we really TOO busy to see an opportunity to Mālama? Let the next person in line with fewer items than you, or on the freeway, “cut” in front of you.  Patience and tolerance should be our code!

Pono,according to Rosa Say,in the book Managing with Aloha, “is all about attitude, and how attitude always comes before outcome. Good attitude, good prospects, good outcome.”  Keeping a good attitude during the holidays, and not slipping into a sense of entitlement, will go far and lead us all back to Mālama!

A good reminder for us all is to be thankful for what has been taken away that did not serve us well, for the lessons we have been freely given and for what we have been allowed to keep.

And lastly, remember that your time is the most important gift and give it freely.” 


ISI Team

  • Tatiana: “Give when you have.  Receive when you need.  People assume you need money or gifts to do this.  A smile, a hello, or thank you is a gift too!  Giving anything makes your heart feel good.”

  • Colleen:“Find a quiet moment for yourself to enjoy the beauty of the season. Remember the good you have done, not what you need to do. The holidays are a great time to bring people together – truly the more the merrier!”

  • Kanani: “Giving can come in many forms – give your time, a kind ear, a helping hand.”

  • Sarah: “Practice gratitude and remember that PRESENCE is more important than PRESENTS!”

  • Kawika: “Every day find a daily quote to inspire yourself and others. Remember to celebrate even small accomplishments, call a loved one, or go for a walk.”

  • Chelsea:“Carrying on or creating new traditions is the most meaningful part of the holidays for me. Repeating a simple yet special act, that is unique to you and your loved ones, is an enjoyable and stress free way to invite unity into your holiday season. Growing up, my parents would allow us kids to open one present from them on Christmas Eve, and it was always a pair of new fun festive pajamas. This was also a way for my mother to insure we were not wearing raggedy old concert t-shirts and boxer shorts in our Christmas morning photos. As we got older, my brother and I started buying our parents fun PJs so that they also had gifts to open on Christmas Eve. This is a tradition that my wife and I have carried on in our home, along with starting some new ones.”

  • Linda: “Use the holiday season to reflect on your blessings and seek out ways to make life better for those around you.”

How will you go out and BE the reason this season?

Happy Holidays!