November “Tips From Tats” – Unique Gift Wrapping

With the holiday season upon us, gift giving is top of mind. Just like meeting people, first impressions matter! Stand out from the crowd and wow the person you are gifting before they even open their gift by creating unique gift wrapping experiences. We reached out to some of our amenities partners to get some ideas that will get your creative juices flowing, along with a tip from our very own team member Linda!

Island Style Innovations

  • For smaller items use glass jars. Paint the lid with spray paint and put a ribbon around the lid. It’s a great way to recycle and look unique.


  • Brown lunch bags! You know the kind you used to take your lunches to school in before the fancy insulated bags? Fold over the top, punch 2 holes, lace ribbon and tie in a bow. You can even repurpose ribbon from gifts I have received. A quick way to iron out repurposed ribbon with wrinkles, get out your hair flat iron, it’s quick and easy and just the right size.


Precious Hawaii

  • It is better to have your items fit snug in a basket. That way there is less chance of movement of items which will decrease likelihood of breakage.

  • Adding a personal touch such as romance cards or an island trinket differentiates your packaging from the rest.

  • Pay more for quality made products when choosing cello, ribbons, boxes, etc.

  • Adding fillers like tissue and shredder add an extra touch to it to make it look better and also protects the product.


Makana Corporate Rewards

  • Our makana (gifts) are thoughtfully curated; a gift should always be thoughtful and meaningful as it enhances an experience and creates lasting memories.

  • We’ve created our own high quality, island-inspired packaging along with a custom card to tell our artisans’ story.

  • Many of our makana are sustainably created and sourced by local artisans across the Hawaiian Islands and are environmentally friendly, organic and up-cycled.

Mahalo to Linda, Precious Hawaii, and Makana Corporate Rewards for your creative insights!