October “Tips From Tats” – Strategic Planning Tip

At Island Style Innovations we are all about delivering “sustainable” corporate incentive programs! This month we bring you a “tip” that will help to significantly reduce your printing costs while saving the environment! Electronic Departure notices!  

This may seem like a daunting task, but mail merge programs help to create a seamless transition. The information simply goes from your departure manifest to the departure notice template then direct to attendee emails, thus providing each attendee with a personalized departure notice. Travel staff already utilize the same process to create printed departure notices onsite.  Attendee email addresses just need to be added, which are typically collected during the pre-program registration. Email departure notices can also be sent in an HTML format allowing for branding consistency. This also allows attendees a direct source of electronic communication in which they can relay any changes in their travel plans. This also provides an electronic record of the change. There are various tutorial videos you can find online with step by step instructions for a variety of email servers.

Save time, money, AND the environment by going paperless! Happy planning!