April SPOTLIGHT – Girls Got Grit Mentorship Program

This month we are shining the spotlight on an amazing program we have the honor to be a part of. Colleen is a mentor in the Sacred Hearts Academy Girls Got Grit Mentorship Program. This program connects students in grades 10-12 with local, professional women who work with them on building invaluable skills they will carry with them for the rest of their lives – networking, leadership skills, and job mentoring to name a few. This program aims to develop these bright young students into future women leaders in Hawaiʻiʻs workforce.

Girls Got GRIT: Grace, Resilience, Initiative, Tenacity.

Mentors Colleen Reyes from ISI and Kat Lin-Hurtubise from Gourmet Events Hawaiʻi with the G.G.G. students from Left to Right: Raena Ho, Moriah Gilmore, Keanaimauliola Char, Maria Domingo, Madeline Prislin.

Presentation Day for the girls.

Last Thursday 5 teams of girls presented their projects on “if they were governor what would they do to change the state of Hawaiʻi.” Mahalo to our industry partners who came out to hear the presentations.

Topics covered a range of important issues. The students from our team four: Kea Char, Maddie Prislin, Moriah Gilmore, Raena Ho, and Maria Domingo presented a mandatory life skills class for junior and senior high school students. The course would be called Fit 4 Lifeand would cover 4 pillars that were designed for the success of students in life after high school in 4 different areas.

  1. Own Your Body: Focuses on educating students in the areas of Sexual Education, Healthy Eating, Substance Abuse, and Mental Health.

  2. Savvy Shopper: To help students budget their money, shop smart and gain shopping strategies. Topics covered include Clothing, Credit/Debit Cards, Food, Decor, and Essentials.

  3. Money Guru: Teaches students about life finances and future economic endeavors, improve financial comprehension and prevent monetary challenges in the future. Topics covered include Banking Services, Taxes/Bills, and Credit/Student Loans.

  4. Happy House: This pillar focuses on basic domestic skills to prepare them for life after high school while in college or living on their own. Topics covered include Household Cleaning, Cooking, and Personal Hygiene.

Following the presentations, one girl from each team was then elected by their peers to present to Governor of Hawaiʻi David Ige this past Monday at the State Capitol of Hawaiʻi in downtown Honolulu.

Mentors Colleen and Kat with the students they are mentoring getting ready to head into the capitol building.

Governor of Hawaiʻi David Ige eager to hear the student presentations.

It was an exciting day at the State Capitol where the girls gave their presentation to a very engaged and attentive Governor Ige. Mahalo to Governor Ige for taking time out of your busy schedule to listen to these bright young students, and mahalo to Betty White, Head of School, Shelley Cramer, the creator of the Girls Got Grit Program, and to Noelani Oliver the program director, for leading these young ladies in this amazing program. We learn as much from these bright young women as they learn from us! We are so inspired by these young leaders and the future looks bright for Hawaiʻi with women like them entering the workforce!

Team #1: Teen Vape: Vaporizing the Future.

Team #2: The Drug Epidemic and its Effect on Young Adults.

Team #3: Improving the Relationship Between Humans and Nature.

Team #4: Fit 4 Life Program.

Team #5: A State of Oblivion.

The Mentors: Gidget D.G. Ruscetta CEO, Pali Momi Medical Center, Suzie So-Miyahira Director of Imaging, Womenʻs Center & Fitness Center, Kapiʻolani Medical Center, Sharon Brown President, First Hawaiʻian Bank Foundation, Alethea Seta SVP of Sales, Service and Retail Training First Hawaiʻian Bank, Jenai Sullivan Wall Chairman & CEO Woodland Super Market, Ltd., Joan Bennet President & CEO The Bennet Group, Colleen Reyes Owner, Island Style Innovations Kat Lin-Hurtubise Owner, Gourmet Events Hawaiʻi, Sharlene Tsuda VP of Community Development, The Queenʻs Health Systems, Elizabeth M. Ignacio, M.D. Surgical Director of Sports Medicine IMUA Orthopedics, Sports & Health.

The girls talking with Governor Ige.

All of the students with Governor Ige.

It is truly an honor to participate in this program and we look forward to watching these girls flourish into the next generation of women leaders in Hawaiʻi!

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