April “Tips from Tats” Motion Sickness Treatment & Prevention

There’s nothing worse than having your fun ruined by any kind of sickness. Coming to Hawaiʻi means youʻll likely be spending more time than usual on the ocean, and exploring the islands by bus or other transportation. These activities can increase your chances of motion sickness, which is no fun at all!

For this monthʻs #tipsfromtatswe reached out to some of our trusted partners to get their tips on treating and preventing motion sickness both by land and by sea.

Captain Andy’s Sailing Adventures, Inc

Since 1980, Captain Andy’s has been taking guests on boat tours down the famous Nā Pali Coast on the island of Kauaʻi. Offering experiences on Rafts, Yachts, and Catamarans, they have something for everyone! Here are some of their tips:

  • Fresh air in your face

  • Look at the horizon line

  • Make sure to have a full stomach 

  • Ginger – any kind – fresh, gum, chews

  • Avoid inside the cabin area

  • Wear wrist Sea Bands – soft wristbands that ease nausea

  • Wear Motion Patches behind your ear

  • Take Bonine/Dramamine – over the counter medication that helps with nausea

  • Stay in the front of the boat

  • Relax – try not to be over-anxious about getting seasick

  • Stay hydrated

Roberts Hawaiʻi

A Hawaiʻi staple for over 75 years, they are Hawaiʻi’s largest tour and transportation company. Here are some of their tips:

If you know that you are prone to motion sickness, let your DMC Partner know at time of booking and you can be seated at the front of the vehicles as this helps. Taking Dramamine in advance can help prevent motion sickness, and chewing on ginger while on your trip can also help soothe your stomach.  If motion sickness is something new to you and you start feeling it while out on tour you can let the driver know and the driver will ask other guests to accommodate so you that you can be moved to the front of the vehicle.

Hawaiʻi Nautical

One of Hawaiʻi’s largest ocean-activity providers offering a fleet of vessels islandwide serving many harbors across Oʻahu and the Hawaiʻi Island. Here are some of their tips from Captain Mash:

Best place to be on a sailing catamaran for those prone to sea sickness:

  • Front or back of the catamaran at deck level and getting fresh air

  • Recommended not to go into the bathroom or in the cabin where losing sight of the horizon can increase the sea sickness

Preventative action for those prone to sea sickness

  • Take Dramamine 30 minutes before you board 

  • Ginger gum or chews are helpful

  • Lavender drops behind the ears are helpful 


Last year Trilogy celebrated their 45th year as Maui’s first sailboat company. They are a family business committed to safety, service, and quality. Here are their tips:

  • Sit outside and near the back of the vessel to improve chances of avoiding seasickness

  • Avoid the cabin area and the restrooms

  • Avoid looking at phone or reading a book as that can amplify the effects

There you have it! Tips and tricks from the experts on land and sea. We hope these ease your motion sickness troubles, or even prevent them altogether, so you can fully enjoy your time exploring the beauty Hawaiʻi has to offer.

Be sure to ask us about these and under helpful tips when booking your next group to Hawaiʻi.

Cheers to happy, healthy travels!